Sunday, July 22, 2007

Life's Lame!!

Hey guys! I know I'd been missing for the whole century, but now I'm back!! Life had been so boring lately...I soooo wanted to blog, but since I don't have internet connection! WTF right? Anyway, as I had said in the chat box, I'm now hogging my campus's computer and connection. So, I'm gonna make this a brief one, ok? I don't want some crazy librarian to come in and whack me in the head for "over-using" their properties!!

Well, life had not been all that boring la...met some cool people here! Been going out quite often as well....Sungei now I'm super broke! I know Paulini will give me the "I told you so" treatment about me being a shopaholic! I don't really have an issue to write about a bimbo blogger...or a himbo...hahahaha!

Oh, one interesting thing happened today, my English lecturer's car broke now I'm super free (a.k.a. super bored)...and will be going to Subang Parade with some friends! That's what I mean about all these free times not helping with my obssesive-compulsive-shopping-disorder!...I'll try to blog again soon! Ciao~

P/S: Hey Milky...sorry...I won't be able to do your tag that soon...come to think of it, I'm still in debt with Paulini for her previous two tags...but whatever la...wakakakaka! Take care guys!